What is Raspberry Fool? - An introduction by Tom Stacey

The Name

Raspberry Fool is my favourite desert. So its quite apt then that as a programmer and someone interested in education, (and someone doing a PhD in programming and education at CEMP in Bournemouth University) that I'm really keen on and love playing with Raspberry Pi computers!


You can read about Tom's research into programming, early years learning and an algorithm of learning on his blog. The short version is that really young children can understand some of the concepts of coding, and that helps cue them up for the new Computing Curriculum in the UK.

PiBot and other things

In 2013, Tom Stacey and Brendon Shaw met up through the Essex County Council STEM group as two people interested in doing educational things with Raspberry Pis. As Tom was already working with children and Pis, and had also worked with programming Bluetooth RC cars and AR.Drones AKA - The Bananadrone it seemed to make sense for the two to work together and design a Raspberry Pi controlled, programmable buggy. The idea was that by using a Raspberry Pi and its GPIO pins, you could program the PiBot in whatever language you like, from Scratch, to Python and C, via Basic, Logo or whatever you fancy. Anything else that works with a Pi can be interfaced, so that means, Raspberry Pi camera, WiFi, LCD screens - the sky's the limit!

Raspberry Pi

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We'd also like to thank some friends of Raspberry Fool, without whom, this stuff wouldn't happen.
These include:
Alex Blanc
Stephen Heppell
Richard Raybould

Raspberry Fool has been lovingly handmade in England by Tom Stacey and Brendon Shaw.