Projects: Keypad Programmer

The keypad programmer is an add-on for the PiBot that allows the robot to be programmed without the need for any software coding. By entering instructions on the keypad (like a 21st Century BigTrak), the PiBot will go off on its missions, following the instructions and giving visual feedback via LED light. The Programmer connects to the PiBot Rev 1 or 2 board via the SPI bus and makes it perfect for those wishing to learn how to program something without getting involved in syntactically correct code. It's the perfect stepping stone to Scratch for younger children interested in electronics and computers.

A prototype PiBot programmer

Can I have one?

Well, yes, you can, if you want to co-develop and co-test the concept and the hardware with us. We're not ready to sell these quite yet, but they'd be a really exciting thing to use with young children who are familiar with BigTrak, BeeBot or Roamers. We're hoping to get these ready for production by the end of 2013, and will of course keep you all updated as we progress.

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