Projects: PiBot

The PiBot is our showcase, and most developed project. With the aid of our PiBot Rev 2 3 custom interface board, you too can create your own little tracked vehicle that is completely self-contained and controlled, via software from a Raspberry Pi! The PiBot Rev 2 bare board is only £10* to buy from our store and with an afternoon and some imagination, you too can create a fun, educational toy that will teach you about computers, programming and electronics.

A PiBot with tracked chassis from Rapid Electronics

Wait! There's more?

You're not limited to making little tanks either. The PiBot board will control two DC motors (we recommend 370 size), so you could potentially make a hovercraft, an airship or any other two-channel device (A windmill anyone?) The board is pretty much plug and play with a Raspberry Pi, and is controlled using the standard GPIO pin controls on the Pi. Have a look at the sample code on GitHub to work out how to get yours going, and if you're planning on using this in an educational context, bear with us while we create some great teaching resources that contain fun projects for children aged 4-16. The PiBot can be controlled using virtually any programming language that can be developed on the Raspberry Pi, and currently we have demo code in C, Python and also an interface into Scratch, which is really fun for younger coders.

*Bare boards are £10 + delivery and fully populated boards are £25 + delivery.

Raspberry Fool has been lovingly handmade in England by Tom Stacey and Brendon Shaw.