Projects: Pi Racer

The Pi Racer is Raspberry Fool's take on the i-Racer bluetooth controlled car chassis. We are car lovers as well as geeks, so it made sense to make a little car too.

A Pi Racer Prototype

The Pi Racer explained

The Pi Racer is very similar to the PiBot, but the more precise motor control needed by a car that steers and has multiple speeds required some changes to the board, and we're still not sure if the steering would be better done by a servo. As the main PiBot rev 1 board is too big for the chassis, the DC controller and micro controller are split off into two boards mounted around the chassis, and we're using off the shelf stuff like the Slice of Pi. The code for this isn't quite right yet, but what we've got is in GitHub so have a play and see if you can improve it. Production boards for converting your i-Racer may become reality soon, so keep an eye out, or hassle us on Twitter!

Pi Racer close up picture The Pi Racer with its shell off
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