Raspberry Fool

Hot on the heels of the new Raspberry Pi model B+ we have updated our PiBot platform to the new + version! We were planning an updated model anyway to compliment the PiBot and be more like a car than a truck, but the advent of more GPIO has made the new wheeled PiBot+ even more exciting. By having four wheel individual control, you can of course have four wheel drive and more accurate steering, but we've also added speed control too! Advanced users can take advantage of the on-board Atmel ATMEGA micro controller and program electronic differentials, torque-vectoring, ABS, traction control and more via the wheel speed sensors. It's a great STEM project for those wanting to get into the automotive industry, or the hobbyist looking for a more capable Raspberry Pi powered vehicle.

PiBot+ from above

The photos show a prototype, but we're hoping to ship a complete kit in Q3/4 2014. Watch this space!

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