Raspberry Fool

Essex STEM Project 2013

Tom Stacey, Brendon Shaw and Yannic Wolf Have been involved in a project in the autumn term 2013 to help to test and develop the PiBot in a live learning environment.

Great Baddow High School in Chelmsford and Billericay School in Billericay are working in conjunction with Essex County Council to support STEM out of school sessions and the PiBot has been chosen to be the key focus for programming and electronics work.

Bertrandt UK have kindly input a huge amount of time and resource to help realise this project, and this concluded with the creation of 12 complete PiBots which have been left with the schools in order to allow them to develop their skills in programming and electronics. The PiBot is now proving to be the key focus for schools to understand Raspberry Pi programming, something that will be extremely valuable as part of their teaching of the new Computing Curriculum for 2014.

A prototype PiBot programmer

Having fun programming the PiBot

A program to control PiBot

Are you inviting other schools?

At the moment, we are only working in the Chelmsford, Essex area. But we will be opening up more pilot projects to other schools all around the UK (and the world!). If you'd like to get involved, you can drop Tom a Tweet and he'll get back to you.

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